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Filled 11kg LPG
Composite Cylinder
1 60.00
Hose/Meter 1 35.00
Regulator 1 40.00
TOC 10 LPG gas detector 2 relay type Make: Oliver IGD 1 207.00
½” Gas Solenoid valve 230 VAC, Make: Madas 1 150.00
Gas shut off switch, single pole switch, 1way, 250 V, 10A surface mounting. Make: Legrand 1 15.00
Gas power double socket, single pole, 1way, 250 V, 13A surface mounting. Make: Legrand 1 30.00
3 pin power plug, 13A 1 10.00
1/2” carbon steel steel pipe (Yellow pipe) with fittings. 1 89.00

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AED 126

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